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Indoor Air Quality Articles

Woman Relaxing on Couch

What Are Zone Control Systems?

April 16, 2021

A zone control system not only adds to the comfort level of your home, but can also help lower your energy bills.

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Air Filters vs. Air Cleaners

December 14, 2020

Our highly climate-controlled indoor environments can often be extremely comfortable in our modern world. Combine that with the fact so many of our daily needs are easily met without needing to go outside, and you find a society that spends nearly all its time indoors. As a result, poor indoor air quality has become a significant area of concern as a contributor to potential health problems.

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

August 14, 2020

At Wilson’s Heating & Air, we specialize in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that add value to your home and enjoyment to your lives. After all, nothing spells happiness like fresh air.

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Leaky Duct

Leaky Ducts and You

February 14, 2020

Are your ducts leaking? Our team wants to diagnose and correct your leaky duct problem to help improve the comfort and health of your Bastrop household.

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Clogged Air Filter

The Problem With Clogged Air Filters

December 19, 2019

Busy careers, bustling families, engrossing hobbies, and overwhelming responsibilities keep most people busy day in and day out. It’s understandable why worrying about the air filter in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is probably way down at the bottom of the priority list.  However, our team at Wilson’s Heating & Air wants…

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Young woman suffering from allergies, sneezing nose with tissue covering with blanket. What does air conditioning have to do with allergies?

What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With Allergies?

September 18, 2019

Did you know the average American spends nearly 90 percent of life indoors? That’s why it is increasingly important to ensure indoor air quality (IAQ) is clean and healthy. If your Cedar Creek home is facing air-quality issues, you may be suffering anything from minor discomfort to significant allergy or health problems. Our team at…

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man hand setting up house hold dehumidifier

What Is a Dehumidifier?

September 11, 2018

A dehumidifier is an appliance that removes moisture from the air. What are the signs that I need a dehumidifier? There are a number of things that can indicate you need a dehumidifier: You may have condensation on your windows or doors. You will see water beading or fog/vapor on the glass of your windows.…

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Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

February 20, 2018

People spend 90% of their time indoors and indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has indoor air quality ranked as one of the top 5 environmental dangers. It is linked to severe asthma and allergy development in children and to heart problems and…

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