Spring Is Here!

Is your system running smoothly?

Spring Is Here!

Is your system running smoothly?

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Wilson's Heating & Air is a family owned and operated business that specializes in both residential and commerical services. We offer fast and reliable service to Bastrop, Austin and surrounding areas. Here at Wilson's, we take pride in our business and strive for perfection when repairing your HVAC system. As a valued customer of Wilson's Heating and Air, you can trust the service technician in your home will be a licensed and trained professional. So give us a call and we will get you back to the comfort level you desire!

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Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from our customers! If you've had us work on your HVAC system we would love to hear from you too.

Air Conditioner Repair

“My ac unit stopped providing cool air so I checked heating and air companies online. Wilson’s was repeatedly rated 5 star so I called and talked to Nicole. She sent Stephen out and he promptly replaced the capacitor. Unit is now running fine. Thanks again to both of you for being so kind and professional. It was a real pleasure dealing with Wilson’s. (Talking at length about family and golf with Stephen was a bonus.) Add another 5 star rating to your list!!”

– Wayne W.

They Put Customers First!

“They were such life savors. My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a home and during our normal home inspection the inspector noticed they unit was not coming on so I called Wilson’s explained my situation and urgency on this matter and they rearranged their schedule to get someone out ASAP while our home inspector was still there. The tech was so polite and explained everything to where I actually understood what was happening. They are great people and they put customers first. I will always use them from now on and recommend that you use them to!”

– Brooke C.

Consistent Total Care.

“Professional, reliable, courteous and efficient. Wilson’s Heating and Air has serviced my 5 units for over five years. Dedicated to discover the problem and fix it. Out of multiple companies that visited my residence, Wilsons Heating and Air correctly diagnosed my problem immediately and fixed it within a short time. Genuine concern for the customer and service oriented. Consistent total care.”

– Diana G.

Our Latest Article...

Woman suffers from heat while working in the office and tries to cool off by the fan.

Air Conditioning Basics—Did You Know?

May 20, 2019

Since the dawn of mankind, people have been using some form of air conditioning to cool their homes. The first popularized technique was known as “evaporative cooling,” where water, ice, or snow is left out to evaporate, causing the temperature in the air to decrease.

An American engineer named Willis Carrier built the first electrical air conditioner, or AC, unit at the turn of the twentieth century. His invention used coils filled with cold water, which allowed the machine to control the temperature and humidity of the air. His basic model is still used today.

Our Guide

Wilson’s Heating & Air is proud to keep hardworking homeowners like you in Pflugerville, TX, cool! Our team is happy to accommodate you for all of your cooling requirements. If you need an installation, maintenance checkup, or repair, we’re here to help.

From day one, we’ve believed that honesty is the best policy.

We want to give you plenty of time to ask us questions, so you can make the best decision. To help keep our customers informed, we’ve created the following cheat sheet.

Your air conditioner is made up of four main components:

1. Condenser

This is the box unit that sits outdoors. It regulates heat transfer.

2. Compressor

This is the pump inside the condenser that pressurizes the refrigerant.

3. Evaporator

This part converts the liquid refrigerant into gas.

4. Expansion valve

This part expands and contracts, managing the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator.

Here are some common problems you might experience with your air conditioner, and how you can prevent them:

1. Open doors/windows

When outside air gets into the house, it disrupts the cooling process. You’ll probably end up with a higher energy bill, and your home won’t be as cold as you’d like it to be. If you’re diligent about keeping your doors and windows closed, you’ll save money and optimize the performance of your air conditioner.

2. Leaks and/or blockages in the air flow

Leaks and/or blockages in the ductwork are a common culprit for a faulty air system. If you find that the temperature in your home changes unpredictably, your ducts may not be getting proper air flow. If you suspect this to be the case, give our professionals a call for a speedy diagnosis and repair.

3. Dirty filters/coils

Filters keep dust from circulating and improve your air quality. After about a month, your filter becomes too dirty to act as a safeguard. This is why we recommend having your filter changed once a month. Dirty coils pose a problem too. Coils should be cleaned at least once a year, during maintenance checkups.

4. Clogged condensate drain

The condensate drain expels water from the unit’s dehumidifying process. If a condensate drain is clogged, it can cause serious damage to your HVAC system, as well as flooding and mold. Clogged condensate drains require immediate attention from a professional to prevent damage to your unit as well as your home.

We at Wilson’s Heating & Air recommend keeping this air conditioner-basics guide handy. Please contact us at 512-229-7774 if you have any questions about HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair.

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We Service All Brands

We service all HVAC brands.

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